Friday, July 31, 2009

The banes of summer...

And another one has befallen us... Hotspots.
Sandy, our smallish English Setter, is currently suffering from them. She's been shaved in the problem areas, and currently looks like a patchwork quilt!
She previously had a minor spot on the ear. After a 4 day trip to the Adks, with free running and it's concommitment wetness and small skin lesions, many hotspots took hold in the matter of about a day.
An elevated temperature followed, so once again, it was off to the Vet's office for antibiotics and topical meds. She's looking a good bit better already, but she also needs another Lyme treatment also, so more antibiotics..
Summer never was my favorite time of year, but this just makes me despise it even more..
Next year, it's a complete shavedown for this little girl before the "dog days" strike!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's new?

No, I'm not talking about the old Linda Ronstadt torch song, but a new blog devoted to the Field Gordon Setter by my old friends the Thomasons of Montana. I recently received an e-mail from Dan with the announcement.
The new blog is called Gordon Setter Crossing. It will be very informative because there are not many folks as well versed in the Field Gordon as Dan and Karen Thomason. Many will remember their great old Gordon Peat, who was written up in so many National magazines.
So, check the new blog out, and as is my custom, it will get top billing for a time in the blog roll...

Now, go listen to some old Linda Ronstadt!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Answer to an age old problem

Dogs have had fleas for, well, as long as there have been dogs. It's a problem that has dogged the dog, and it's human companions for millenia.
The latest crop of systemic topicals like Frontline and Advantix have virtually wiped out the scourge, and made living with pets in the home much more pleasant, but I've found that their powers against ticks less than spectacular.
All that may be changing, and dosing made a bit easier thanks to a new pill being studied. Once a month... Down the throat 'ya go! What's easier than that? and hopefully, with enhanced effectiveness to fight ticks, which would certainly be good news!
You can read all about it in Science Daily...
And thanks to our friends at A Piece of the Purest Challenge for bringing it to our attention.

Monday, July 20, 2009

An abuser's sentence ending

Michael Vick, the onetime football star and convicted animal abuser is soon to be released from prison. In my opinion, faaaaar too soon for the atrocities visited upon helpless animals by this sadist.
It's no secret that I have little use for anyone that could commit such acts, and my hope is that no NFL team will pick him up and once again the lavish lifestyle that the NFL can afford a person.
Any team considering picking him up will hear from me, and hopefully everyone who believes in giving animals the respect they deserve.

Rant over...

Enjoy your Monday.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fancy wood, and its appropriate use

I'll be the first to admit it.. I'm a sucker for a fancy piece of walnut!
That said, pretty wood never grassed a bird, but I've yet to meet anyone that doesn't drool when they see it..
But, should wood be commensurate with the relative value of the gun it's applied to?
I think it should! In my opinion, a shotgun marketed to the serfs, like myself, looks a bit out of place wearing the highest grades of walnut. I often prefer a more subdued stick.. Something that looks like a working gun instead of a showpiece.
Can wood be too fancy? I think it can! A friend once had a Beretta ASE with fantastic wood. I shot that gun well the first, and only, time I picked up, and marveled at the figure in the buttstock. The figure was so pronounced and beautiful, that it almost did not look real... Like a piece of plastic!
Some of the wood that is today marketed as "high grade" also shows flaws that would have never passed muster in years past. Knots, and areas that were obviously the remnants of the start of branches. But, as full figured walnut becomes more and more scarce, and more in demand, second quality pieces will also get the nod on the guns of some folks.

So, I like nice wood. But I also like wood with pleasing figure, but an understated elegance..

We'll soon see what shows up on a new gun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another celebrity passes ..

And this one, also very famous!

This celebrity has touched many lives, and taught us about strength and stoicism..

Read about it here....