Monday, December 7, 2009

Goodbye Gus

I'm sure that many of our legion of readers will recall my ramblings about Gus, the Jack Russell Terrier, the black and white on the left in the photo, who's adventures I've told of on these pages more than once.
He succumbed to a number of maladies and just general old age, but he never gave up! He suffered in later years from the effects of a dislocated hip, which made him walk like a fiddler crab, and a nasty cough from his bad heart.
Gus served a number of useful functions around the barn and kennels, from keeping vermin in check to being the first to know when a bitch was coming in heat, a very useful friend to have around. He also kept two legged intruders at bay, and anyone who dared jump the fence with bad intentions paid a price for it.
So, here's to Gus... A dog who's heart belied his diminutive size. I'm sure he's in JRT heaven, where rats and vermin abound, and his beloved balogna is always on the menu.
But, as is usually the case, there's a bright side to every sad story. I met the replacement, Millie, a little female to keep Jackie company and carry on Gus' duties. She's a sweet little JRT, and thrives on attention. She'd much rather spend the morning being carried around by me than even getting treats. She's a sponge for attention, and I think she'll get some from me... But, in the meantime...

I'll never forget you, Gussie...


  1. Rest in peace little Gus. Your good friends will never forget you.

  2. Sorry to read this about Gus.

    But it seems you two had a great ride together.

  3. So sorry about Gus. He was a cute little guy. Sounds like he had a great life with you and I know you will miss him doing "his job" around your place. Good help is hard to find!