Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Of Shotgunners and Pitchmen..

I was surprised to see an old Shotgunner pitching investments in pure silver on TV the other night..
Who was it? None other than International Trapshooter from the U.K., Derek Partridge!
Mr. Partridge is quite the salesman, not to mention a highly skilled bunker shooter for the U.K., having been involved in bring the Perazzi knockoff, Kemen from Spain many years ago. The Kemen was a dead ringer for the bulletproof Italian target gun... dropout trigger and all, and Mr. Partridge pushed them heavily!
He used to call me at work trying to put a Kemen in my hands. I'll never know where he got my number or how, but he was offering an attractive price. But, it was a Spanish shotgun, and an unknown quantity, so i passed, but derek was very persistent and not easily dissuaded!
And now, trying to get folks to buy silver as an investment on TV. He's not involved with Kemen anymore, and I haven't heard his name mentioned in shotgunning circles in some time, but he's still a relentless salesman.
He sounds oh so British, and oh so convincing in his pitch...

But, just ass I was not looking for a Kemen shotgun years ago, I'm not looking for silver now, but all the same, I wish derek Partridge the best of luck in his endeavors... Obviously, P.T. Barnum knew something that the rest of us don't!
As an aside, I've yet to see a Kemen to this day!


  1. THe Brits have a way about them and whether I agree or am interested in what is going on, I usually find myself paying attention.

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