Saturday, November 27, 2010

More on Garmin

As I mentioned in the previous post, the collar the dc-30 rides on leaves a bit to be desired. For one thing it's black... Not a color I would choose for a gundog running the woods with other hunters present. For another, it's two plies of nylon sewn together... Necessary to protect the wire running from the GPS antenna to the collar unit. The nylon is stiff in the cold weather, and tends to fray pretty badly from running through the brush.
Enter Stone Creek Hounds and Dog Supply. They have developed a few nice accessories for the Garmin Astro system in general, and the dc-30 collar in particular. They stock Bio-thane replacement collars with a rubber sleeve to protect the wiring, and to direct the VHF antenna into the proper orientation. The collars are available in all the colors we've come to know and love. I ordered what is called light green... more like a chartreuse.. A color that stands out and that I've never seen in nature. The collar comes with explicit instructions on how to remove the old, and replace the new. It's foolproof and everything fits well. Best of all, the replacement is approved by Garmin and would not void the factory warranty.
So, for those who would like to upgrade their dc-30 instead of moving to the dc-40, the replacement collar from Stone Creek Hounds is a worthwhile addition to make an already great system just a bit greater.

Give The Stone Creek website a look, and BTW, they're nice people and shipping was super-fast!

Stone Creek Hounds

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