Monday, December 20, 2010

A Puppy for Christmas

So, the word is out... Michael Vick, the big, misunderstood, cruel bully and quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, really is the soul of a lovable teddy bear trapped in the body of a vicious coward. He loves animals in his heart.. Watching, and breeding dogs to fight to the death, was just an innocent passtime.
He really wants a puppy to bond to, a little friend to cuddle up to while watching reruns of Monday Night Football.
Perhaps Santa will recognize his true, loving spirit and leave a small bundle of wiggly fur under his tree..

My hope is that Santa, and everyone else will see this monsterous excuse for a human being for what he is. A vile and cowardly piece of trash who preys upon defenseless animals for his own perverse enjoyment. The NFL also deserves much blame here for giving this piece of garbage a forum for the public to listen to, and perhaps be fooled by this publicity stunt.

This time of year, a time and Peace and Caring, was a poor time for Michael Vick to proclaim his all too phony love for dogs... He deserves to be rotting in jail, instead of having children look up to him as a hero!

Just one man's oppinion..

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  1. Lovely pose. Looks like a real "puppy" kind of guy! I agree with you. What he did was disgusting and he doesn't deserve the chance to have another dog for a long time, if at all. Surprisingly, I believe there were only 2 of his dogs that were so damaged, they had to be put down. All the rest were rehabbed and placed into new homes. I did a post on these dogs, 11/28/10, "Can You Teach A Bad Dog New Tricks". I was amazed that any of them could be rehabbed, but was so happy to hear so many were.