Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The RBL-16 has arrived!

And I'm about as pleased as I can be with it!
The laser engraving is far superior in hand than it appears in pictures or advertising. Same goes for the laser checkering. If I didn't know that it was applied by laser, I wouldn't have guessed. The slight darkening adds to the appearance, in my opinion.
I ordered 4X wood, was prepared to be disappointed, but was pleasantly surprised. The "money side" for a righty is better than the side showing in the case.. Both sides nice and smoky.
Chokes have been opened to Skeet/Light Modified and the abominable auto safety converted to manual, which is far safer where I come from! Onme applies the safety as habit, without coming to depend on a mechanical assembly to do it for us.. Anything mechanical is subject to wear and failure, so I'd much rather attend to this important detail myself to be sure it's done!
The stock was ordered pistol grip, with a splinter forend. The RBL splinter is rather large for a true splinter anyway, so I thought it a good choice over the more bulbous, but very attractive beavertail..
The new shotgun has only been here a few hours, so I still in the "fondling stage.." There will be more pictures and updates to come as I go over the new edition with a fine tooth comb, and soon put it through it's paces..


  1. Bill: that's a pretty looking date you've got there! Better learn how to dance...

    Hope to see you soon so you can share it in person.

    all best

  2. That is a nice looking gun. Admittedly I was not a fan of the RBL when they first came out. There were problems with the Launch Edition gun and too many of them went back to the CSMC. It has been a long time since I have heard of any problems so they made the changes and got the bugs worked out with those first 20 gauge guns. In the last year I have been concerned over the expansion of the requirement for non-toxic shot for all shotgun shooting. While I am prepared to fight this expansion as much as I can I must also realize the potential that lead shot will be banned. Because of this possibility I have been looking for a small gauge double gun that is recommended for steel shot by the maker. Compared to the number of O/U and repeating guns there are only a handful of choices in a double. Of those choices I believe the RBL is at the top of the list.


  3. You are a fortunate fella there Bill. Fortunate to own such a nice shotgun.
    I hope you and your four legged buddy enjoy the coming season.