Thursday, September 17, 2009

A 16 gauge score...

The guys around the gun club are getting to know me as the guy who shoots the Sixteen gauge.. Probably the only guy around amongst all the Perazzi and K-80 12 ga. clay target shooters.
It's good in a way, because it makes me different from the crowd, which I always enjoy.. It's not so good in another, because there are no 16 ga. hulls around any of the club ramges to pick up for free.
Now that all the guys are aware of my affair with the Sixteen, whomever wants to clear out their basement of oddball shells they'll never shoot again, seeks me out. My wife calls it junk! I call it treasure!
The top picture, of some old 16 ga. ACTIV's just might make the cut as hunting loads this season. They're quality loads, and shoot reasonably softly at 1165 feet per second. In my favored #8 shot, they'll work out well for me on grouse and woodcock.
I never thought much of ACTIV when they were in production, and never bought a single box of them. I might have shot a few from a squadmates pocket if I was in a stand and needed a shell or two to finish my targets, but that would be about it! Now, realizing the dearth of quality 16 ga. loads, these shells are much coveted, and much appreciated from their donor.
The lower image shows another load of castoffs. Kind of a mixed bag of shells from yesteryear. Some papers, some early heat sealed plastics, some roll crimps... All valued by myself, in spite of the fact that some of the #4's may never be shot at a winged target. The 6's will probably get used eventually, but some will be saved just for the sake of nostalgia... and much to my wife's dismay..

So, once again I lucked out by swinning against the tide, by marching to the beat of a different drummer.. by just being an oddball!

Diversity seems to be my only saving grace, but not in it's politically correct meaning!


  1. Good deal, Bill.
    That's a nice old collection of 16's.
    I reckon I'm odd as well; seeing that my two upland guns are 16 gauge.
    I'm happy with odd.
    Odd is not necessarily odd.
    Glad that new one is putting shoot where you look.

  2. Hey Bill

    I'm a fan of the Activ hull. Will reload 6 or 8 times with a 6 point crimp. Bought several thousand new primed hulls years ago when the company went out of business. With my stash of plastic and paper Cheddites, and purple Federals I've enough empty hulls for several lifetimes :).


  3. do you have any load data for the 16 ga activ hull with imr powder? i cant find any. really like these hulls but i have limited data. happy to share data i have.