Monday, January 18, 2010

Do we ever get past it?

I'm sure we've all read the stories about that "one dog"... The one that teaches us to hunt, touches our heart and just seems to do everything right!
The dog the we know we'll never be able to replace, and leaves us all too soon. So, we try to make it better... we have to with a new pup. We're still going to hunt!
Can the young pup ever meet the expectations? Ever match the perfection of the "once in a lifetime dog?" Caqn the newcomer measure up to such lofty ideals?
Unfortunately, often not! And just as often, probably not the pup's fault!
I've seen it time and time again.. A hunter with a beloved dog. The two operate in the field as one... Poetry in motion. The efficiency of two predators at the top of their game.
I've also seen those same hunters hang up their shotguns for good after the loss of the partner, not really giving the new pup an honest chance. Not realizing that it takes time and experience... Perhaps forgetting the not-so-great days early in the brag dog's life.
If there's an answer to all this, the only oner I can think of is to keep pressing on.. Realizing the dogs are individuals just as humans are.. Some more talented... some less. All prone to the good and bad days that the best of us experience. All just one piece of the puzzle shy of a Grand Master.

I'm ready for a new puppy. Maybe my last high powered dog... Only God knows. But, I'll keep an open mind and give the pup the chance it deserves, and as many opportunities as the "gettin' older" body can provide.. It will also have love, and the experience to realize that greatness comes in small doses, and just maybe progresses by baby steps..

So, here's to looking forward to a new puppy. Nothing is cast in stone as of yet, but whatever happens, and whatever path I take, and the pup and I take together, there just might be a few surprises in store..

Stay tuned!


  1. You get past it, you go on, but you never forget them. The effort, time, and love, that a person puts into a bird dog, is a huge part of what makes a GREAT bird dog. So, if a person has one great dog, why can't he have another, if the same amount of effort and time are spent? I believe the opportunity is there. And of course, this is assuming a person would do their research to find a reputable breeder, with good bird dogs (which suit their particular hunting needs) to begin with. There are a few bird dog duds out there, but a lot of times the bird dog is blamed for the failure, when in fact, it's the hunter who has failed the dog.

  2. And by the way, we're hoping for a litter out of Sure Thing Blackjack this spring or summer. We may have 2 litters. Mothers would be JJ and Mickey. There are pics of both of them, as well as Blackie. on my blog. We'd be happy to reserve one for you!

  3. Back in 1994 I bought two Gordons from Springset. Flash died in August of 2008 and Ginger is hanging on but going down hill rapidly. I picked up Erin, a nine year old retired dam from Springset back in June to help plug the void. I too would like one more dog (ok, maybe two, possibly three)to see me through. They are never the same as our old friends but often share similar traits that helps make the loss a little easier. Once Ginger is gone, I'm going to add a few new kids to the mix and Erin can help raise the brood with me. There are still too many paths I hope to walk and I can't imagine walking them without my black and tan pals enjoying it with me.

  4. Oooooh, puppy kisses! Bill, I'm jealous already.

    Hey, Nancy, if Bill can have a puppy,...... ;-)

    Precious Puppy Pics 'Preciated,
    Good luck searching,

  5. Almost a curse having that once in a lifetime dog, but why fret. Imagine having no dog. I think that being lucky enough to have one is a gift, but still hope to have more than one. If not, Im happy following an average pup through the woods and remembering the good old days. In the future these will be good old days too.

  6. Bill,I hate to say this but I think if it's a highpowered pup you want,then an EP might just stack the odds a bit more in your favor.I'll go back sit in the corner now,it's easier to dodge those rocks,with a wall to your back.


  7. You do go on, and never forget... My "one dog" was a mutt, Irish Setter x (black lab Newfoundland). When she passed, my best friend advised, "you loved that black setter so much, why don't you get a Gordon...". So that's how Moxie came to me from Dan & Karen. I probably failed Mox, not in love, but in knowing what a great bird dog is capable of. But when Mox passed, I had Cassi! Another great "one dog". The highest compliment I could ever receive came from Dan, "I (Dan) have been breeding dogs for years, to get one that hunts like this (Cassi)"; well Dan did do the breeding. She hunts close and has a nose that only Freedom x Gracie could produce. She also has Gracie's tennis ball obsession.

    The great dogs can come more than once in your lifetime. You have to be ready for them, after the passing of their "one dog" predecessor.

    Here is to remembering Karen & Dan's Happy, who passed away this week.