Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Age and Misconceptions

When I was coming up through the ranks, and learning all things birddog from people that knew, and continue to know alot more than I do.. I heard the idea that specific traits we passed on to the get from the Sire, and other specific traits from the Dam..
Things such as courage, fluidity of gait and endurance were often attributed to the dam, while a dog's style and flash, apparently passed on from the sire.
I now believe these old preconceptions to be just so much heresay, from an age when much less was known about genetics and heredity..
I know that similar events do not happen in people, and the genetic shuffle of genes is, I assume, no different between the species..
I can agree to an extent that males will often "show" better and display a bit more style, but is this trait supplied strictly from the male in a breeding.. I find it hard to believe..
Maybe the research at U.C Davis will shed more light on questions such as this for us all, but until that data becomes available, I'm interested in the thoughts of others..
Have you noticed anything that sounds similar to the old dogma in the dogs you've studied?? Does the premise appear to make any sense knowing what we know today about genetic mixes?

All opinions and thoughts are welcome...

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