Friday, May 29, 2009

The good ole days...

In my long impatient wait for my 16 ga. RBL to arrive, I've made some observations.. Nothing new there... I observe alot, or try to, on a more or less daily basis..
But, I've been struck by the thought... I wonder how we ever became happy with a shotgun purchase before the advent of "the information superhighway," as the infamous Al Gore loves to call it..
I guess I miss the days when a shotgun was just a shotgun... It either looked good or it didn't.. Handled well or it didn't.. Had that "between the hands" feel or it didn't.. Folded birds cleanly or it didn't. The days before we got out our gram scales and vernier calipers to measure actions and stocks, and to pontificate on what esoteric qualities make a game gun, and which do not.
The days before we could pick apart a man's proud new purchase from the safety of our computer keyboard.. The days before we all became experts and critics.

I suppose a lot of good has come from the internet, but the detachment and disconnect has also made us colder and harder from our little computer rooms... As foe me, I'm just gonna' carry what feels good and gives me an ounce of pleasure. What more can a person ask?

Just an observation...on a gloomy, rainy day.

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  1. Yup--as soon as somebody posts a question or just mentions that they are thinking about buying a shotgun, its guaranteed that 'X' number of experts are going to offer pearls of wisdom and a bunch of them derogatory. Its been a wonder to me, having frequented forums for a short time, how you long-timers have lasted so without insanity taking hold.

    About that time some fed up member says, "hey if you like the thing than just enjoy shooting it"--or some such.

    I put those sage comments right up there with--"then stop banging your head against the wall"; when some idiot complains that his head hurts when he engages in that activity.

    Sheesh--enough already.