Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pete Grannis acts as predicted

Some of the two or three regular readers here may remember my rant about New York City political hack, Pete Grannis being named as head of New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation, and what an incongruous appointment that was by then governor Eliot Spitzer, who later succumbed to his own problems with hubris.
Mr. Grannis is no more grounded in Sportsmen's issues than I am with New York City politics, and therein lies the rub.
Mr. Grannis and our current poor excuse for a governor, David Paterson, have found it useful, with encouragement from the Humane Society of the US, to eliminate the pheasant stocking program in NY, that has been in existence since 1927.
I wonder if either of these two gentlemen ever gave any thought to the fact that this is the only opportunity for some sportsmen in the State of New York to experience any type of hunting experience at all! Or if they even care??
Was any thought given to the impact that this will have on license sales?? Or the local economies of destinations for sportsmen with little access??
And, is this the same David Paterson that pushed for many years for legislation that would allow our Police to be prosecuted if it was deemed that they did not "shoot to wound" instead of shoot to stop??
It seems obvious to me that governor Paterson has a much better grasp on the women he keeps on the side that the realities of being governor...

Here is a link for those that would like to read of the decision by the "Unholy Alliance", and their ties to the HSUS...

As for myself... I'll retire to bedlam....

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  1. I heard this news at a Ruffed Grouse Society dinner tonight, but here's the link that confirms that the Governor reversed his decision to close the Reyonolds Game Farm last week.


    Turns out that license fees and federal taxes already cover the cost of running the farm. And if it came to it, I would pay for a pheasant stamp as folks do in CT.