Monday, December 8, 2008

A Tale of Two Jacks

This is Gus on the left, and Jackie on the right... Gus the male, and Jackie the female. They're pictured here, in the converted golf cart which is used for chores around the barn, and sports two steel stanchions for roading about six dogs at a time.. An all 'round vehicle!
As can be seen, they love to ride the cart with me when I'm getting hay, or dumping manure, as seen here. These two JRT's live at the barn where birddog folks come to work dogs, or generally shoot the breeze while caring for the horses. Their job is to keep the ever present vermin under control, and they're experts at their work!
Gus also has the job of telling when one of the female trial dogs is coming into heat.. He knows days before a Vet can ascertain!
Gus has a bit of the wanderlust in him.. He'll gladly jump into anyone's car. About a year back, in a rainstorm, Gus dug his way out and got on the main road.. An old gent stopped, and when he opened his door, Gus jumped in.. He was gone for days. The local pound eventually got a call.. Gusie's owner's went to retrieve him, and the old gent, without dog food, had been feeding Gus deli sliced balogna, and letting him sleep on the bed.. Not bad for an old ratter!!
Jackie though, was not pleased when Gus returned home from his multi-day bender with the smell of balogna on his breath..
They're both getting on in years, and remind me of an old married couple.. a stay at home Mom, with a sometimes wayward husband..
The replacements have already arrived, to allow these two old timers to have their place in the sun, but no two dogs can ever replace Jackie and Gus..
God only knows how much longer they have left... Gus has a bad hip (another funny story) and he runs like a fiddler crab, coughs in the morning, but he still gets the job done...

I'll never forget these two... They've touched my heart in strange ways...

There are many funny stories about Gus, and I'll touch on more in the future.

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