Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Voice...

For those that have ever seen Celtic Woman perform, and I know that at least one of our esteemed readers has, you will know that The Voice is sung by Lisa Kelly.

I don't know if I'll make it to heaven when my time comes, I suppose that is still in doubt. But, If I am lucky enough to be allowed entry to where my dogs will surely be waiting, I'm sure that many of the angels will have the voice and face of the incomparable Lisa Kelly!

It may be due to the fact of my Celtic heritage, but Lisa's voice touches me in the deepest places of my soul..

We all have our dreams....

Hear Lisa sing "The Voice" here...

Hear Lisa sing "Caledonia" here..


  1. BnT, to answer your previous post, the widget is a nice addition. I may give you the sincerest form of flattery over at CD, if'n I can figure out how you glued that thing in there.

    My Celtic heritage dates back to around 1928, when my Dad was growing up with his family in Buffalo's then overwhelmingly Irish First Ward. But seriously, I "discovered" Celtic Woman on PBS several years ago, and enjoyed them again on PBS just the other night.

    As you say, certain music is probably wired to touch us all in "deep places."

  2. She does have a nice voice.
    'Caledonia' has long been a listener for me. Dougie Maclean wrote it and many other great songs.
    I'd like to suggest you listen to Mary Black, if you haven't already. She comes from a long line of singers and hails from Scotland.
    I'd post an MP4 if I could.

  3. Oops! Mary hails from Ireland. Sorry to Mary herself and all who claim the Emerald Isle as home.