Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gordons are THIEVES!

Is this the face of a criminal??

Was enjoying a nice dinner a few nights ago. I made a big pot of chili, and my wife had bought a block of aged provalone to go along with it..
The cheese was on a cutting board on the table. My wife and I, and the dogs of course, all cheese lovers BTW, consumed about half the block. I was looking forward to a slice here and there as a snack for days to come, but it was not to be..
The cheese was inadvertentely left on the table after dinner.. I passed through the kitchen a couple of times, and noticed the cutting board empty, but I thought my wife had returned it to the refrigerator..
After a while, my wife asked if I had put the cheese away.. Since I sometimes have trouble with my ears, or selective hearing difficulties, I ignored the query until a few minutes when she asked if I had finished the cheese. I knew that didn't happen, so the search was on for the missing "half block" of nice aged provalone.. The piece I was looking so forward to savoring in bits and pieces over the next couple of days. It was becoming painfully obvious what happened to it!
Sandy, the English Setter, is far too much of a little lady to steal off the table... Holly, the Gordon, on the other hand, sees things in a completely different light! Like all her Gordon predecessors, she feels that any food left on the table must have been left for her personal enjoyment.. and subsequent consumption! The humans just forgot to offer it to her in person..
It must be a genetic thing, as all of our Gordons go back ultimatly to similar places on the family tree... Or, they all went to the same school!

Either way, the cheese I was so counting on ended up "in the belly of the beast!"


  1. I hope you had the decency, Bill, to leave a quarter glass of good claret with which the dog could wash down the cheese. LOL; good story.

    I'll bring you a nice brick of Velveeta as a replacement the next time I'm in camp ;-)

  2. Thats funny. I like a dog that's willing to take a chance for some good eating. :)

  3. There isn't a Gordon alive that wouldn't sell his/her soul for a piece of cheese. For a BIG piece of nicely aged cheese? I bet you won't do that again.

  4. Holly MUST be related to PEAT. Once at Christmastime, I was making a cheese basket gift for some neighbors of ours. I had 5 different kinds of cheeses. Each piece was about 4 ounces and nicely wrapped in plastic. I had gourmet crackers, olives, and a piece or two of fruit to arrange in the basket. I put it all on the kitchen table and just as I started to put it all together I was interrupted by one of my 3 kids needing something. I left the kitchen...with the cheese unattended. When I returned, there was all the ingredients for my cheese basket...except for the 5 packs of cheese. ALL 5 GONE! I thought my husband was playing a joke on me. Could it have been Peat? (the only dog in the house) There was absolutely no evidence left behind that would suggest there ever was any cheese on that table. No cheese - no paper labels - no plastic! Yep, no plastic. Not knowing what to expect, the next three days kept us "alert", to say the least. But in the end everything "turned out" okay.

  5. Cheese is bad for you. Holly was just being protective of you. A known Gordon trait.