Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Out on The Rock

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a comment the other day from my old friend Dan, a Newfoundlander and fellow Gordon lover. I always enjoyed Dan's pictures and accounts of his wild adventures, mostly solitary as I recall, on "The Rock," as he affectionately refers to his homeland of Newfoundland.
Dan has started his own blog called "Out on The Rock". The views and accounts of the exploits of Dan and his dogs is stunning, and gives an inside look at one of the world's truly wild places.
You're doing yourself an extreme disservice if you don't visit Dan's blog and witness for yourself what he has to offer.
I'm glad my old friend found us, and we'll once again be treated to his exploits and view from the wilds of Newfoundland..

Visit Dan's blog here, watch the videos and read the posts.. It's time well spent!

Dan's blog will sit at the top of the blogroll for a spell, until everyone is aware of it and visits to see what it's all about.. Congratulations to Dan on I blog I'll visit often!


  1. Thank you Bill, for the kind words. My Gordon Duncan is still going strong but I fear he will start slowing down soon. I hope everything is going well with you and your family.

  2. Bill, thanks for turning us on to Dan's blog. Great photos of interesting country.

    Dan, I've added your blog to my favorites. My Gordie likes it, too.

  3. Bill I sent you an email. just wondering if you recieved it.