Friday, October 2, 2009

A hard winter in store??

According to reports, it could be, and that's good news in my book!
I like the cold... I like the snow. What I don't like is purchasing warmth in the form of foreign oil, but, at least for the time being, that's a necessary evil.
I've noticed the caterpillars are pretty hairy and the grey squirrels busy burying acorns... All signs I look for.
For a more scientific explanation, read here about the mild "El Nino" and it's effect on the weather here in the Northeast..

Pray for snow!

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  1. It's not just the East. Here in Montana, we got snow last night. I heard Kalispell, Mt. got 6". The Humming birds left early this year and the squirrels are hoarding their seeds like mad. The deer are starting to eat everything in site. May be a hard winter for us all. I like the snow, but not the cold!