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The existence of the American Gordon Setter Club ..

The following is taken from the GSCA Yearbook of 1939...

The original organization to sponsor the Gordon Setter in America was the American Gordon setter Club. It was founded some time prior to 1870 and was one of the charter members in the formation of the American Kennel Club in 1877.
Mr. Harry Malcolm and Mr. Blossom were two of it's presidents, and Mr. C. Cass Hendee, owner of the Highland Kennels now in Chicago, Illinois, is believed to be the sole surviving member of this club. The American Gordon Club ceased it's activities in 1902, and for many years, the breed was not represented by a parent organization.
On August 20, 1924, a group of enthusiastic Gordon Setter breeders organized the present Gordon Setter Club of America, and became a member club of the American Kennel Club in that same year. The first officers were: Frank Burke, president; Donald L. Fordyce, 1st vice president; Howard Huntington, 2nd vice president; William Cary Duncan, 3rd vice president;James E. Neville, 4th vice president; Charles T. Inglee, secretary; and Hugh E. Mc Laughlin, treasurer. Four of these officers have served the club well and faithfully throughout the sixteen years of it's existence.
The following have served as club presidents; Frank Burke, 1924 & 1925; Donald Fordyce. 1926 to 1930; Charles Inglee, 1930 to 1938; and Hugh Mclaughlin, 1939.

The Gordon Setter Club of America

Officers for the year 1940

Hugh E. McLaughlin...........President
Wm. Cary Duncan..............First Vice-President
Prof. James B. Munn..........Second Vice-President
Mrs. Sherman R. Hoyt.........Third Vice-President
Mrs. Charles L. Girardot.....Fourth Vice-President

Board of Directors

George E. Kuntz John Bentinck-Smith
Mrs. Mabel N. Briggs George W. Von Ostoff
Edward McFarlan Charles T. Inglee

Delegate to the American Kennel Club

Charles T. Inglee


Dr. A. P. Evans


Donald N. Fordyce
175-27 Wexford Terrace, Jamaice Estates,
Jamaice, Long Island, New York

There will be more of historical signifigance to the world of the Gordon Setter in coming days...


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