Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Gay Gordons???

Gey Gordons?
Every wonder what "Gey" Gordon meant? Its a nickname given to the Gordons which means the gallant, spirited (perhaps slightly reckless) and gutsy Gordons. Other clans also have such historical nicknames. Some of the descriptions might be true; some may not be. We're not commenting, just listing!

The Sturdy Armstrongs
The Crooked Camerons
The Greedy Campbells (sorry Andrew)
The Dirty Dalrymples
The Doughty Douglases
The Lucky Duffs
The Gallant Grahams
The Haughty Hamiltons
The Fiery MacIntoshes
The Proud MacNeils
The Muckle-mouthed Murrays
The Scaucy Scots

I'm not Scottish, but if I was, I sure wouldn't want to be a Murray!

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  1. We're not greedy -- we just like your stuff more. And we're not afraid to come get it.

    Happy Father's Day!