Friday, June 27, 2008

Redesigned Astro

Well, the rumors turned out to be true. The greatest thing that happened to dog tracking has been improved, and in a big way!

No more box-like gps/rf transmitter unit that won't stay upright on the dog's back. This unit, the dc-30 has been totally redesigned so that the weight hangs below the dogs neck. The small GPS receiver is a button attached to the top of the collar, and as I said, the rest of the electronics rides below the dog's neck. The antenna for RF to communicate with the hand held GPS unit is flexible, and comes up from below, a la a tracking collar. In fact, the entire unit looks similar to the Strike collar used in telemetry.
I've been using the Astro system for almost a year, and this will improve it's use immensely! It's what we've always needed, and always wanted.. Garmin took a great system, and improved it to the point of perfection..
I've ordered my new dc-30 already.. I'll report back when I have the new unit in hand and have put it through it's paces.. It should be a tremendous boon to those with gundogs that can really motor!

Read more about the Astro system here...

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