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History of the Breed, Part lV

Other renowned Gordon setters of Mr. Parson's breeding are Beaumont, K.C.S.B. 16166 (Ronald lll-Champion Floss), and Champion Bellmont, K.C.S.B. 20404 (Dasher 10241-Blanche lV). Both Beaumont and Champion Bellmont were imported to America. A grandson of Champion Bellmont is Champion Duke of Edgeworth, K.C.S.B. 38421-- at his time one of the best Gordon Setters in Great Britain. He also went to America. A son of the latter, Turton Trojan and his grandson, Champion Garbet Nap, K.C.S.B. 711 G, were sold to Scandinavia, where they are to be found in pedigrees.
We have heard "Idstone" say the Gordon Setters of his time were too heavy and cumbersome. He recommended getting them refined at any cost. "Idstone" was one of the greatest authorities of his time, and by his breeding of many litters of Gordon Setters he knew the breeding material at his disposal, and his opinion was noteworthy. Scottish breeders succeeded later on in producing Gordons more refined and of true setter type. The late Mr. Robert Chapman of Glenboig was the leading breeder for many years, and the Glenboig Setters were of very high quality. Champion Grouse, K.C.S.B. 9175 was the first Mr. Chapman brought out, and this dog was later on sold to Mr. Shorthose, Newcastle who we find as the owner in the Kennel Club Stud Book. Grouse was born in 1876, "by Jock out of Juna; Jock by Bengal out of Sally (sister to Lorne)." Mr. Chapman is the breeder.
We find in the Kennel Club Stud Book about Lorne (Young), K.C.S.B. 4310 that this dog was owned by Mr. H. B. Gibb, was bred by Mr. Bennie, and was born in 1873. He was by J. C. Wakefield's Jock and Mr. Bennie's Sally, sister to Lorne, K.C.S.B. 1602.
Lorne K.C.S.B. 1602, was owned by Major Allison, Roker, Sunderland, was bred by Mr. Bennie and born in 1871. He was by Colonel White, M.P.'s Bounce, or Billie and Lord George Duncan's Sally (bred by Mr. Gilmour of Eaglesham). Bounce was by an Irish Setter which belonged to an officer in Glasgow. Mr. Chapman cooperated with another prominent breeder of Gordons, Mr. Herbert B. Gibb, Dorrator House, Larbert.
The Glenboig Setters bore the prefix "Heather" attached to their name and the Kennel Club records prove how they dominated all the leading shows in the nineties.
Mr. Chapman's famous dog, Champion Heather Grouse, K.C.S.B. 22360 was considered by many good judges to be the best Gordon setter ever brought before the public. his head was simply perfect. He had a good neck, with capital shoulders well placed, well sprung ribs, good loin, well bent stifles, splendid legs and feet, and a perfect stern.
His tan was of a dark mahogany color, and his coat was perfectly flat with very heavy feather. He was, at the same time, a capital dog in the field. Mr. Thompson Gray considered him the ideal of a Gordon setter.
Among the many good Gordon Setters Mr. Chapman bred and owned must be mentioned the dogs, Champion Heather Nap, K.C.S.B. 28928, and Champion Heather Crack, K.C.S.B. 662E. The latter was sold to America. Prominent bitches were Champion Heather Blossom, K.C.S.B. 19517 and Heather Kate, K.C.S.B. 31254. Kate and norway Prince, K.C.S.B. 416A were imported to Norway. So was Heather Earl, a Gordon with a good pedigree by Pilot lV, K.C.S.B. 20393 out of Nell by Monarch, K.C.S.B. 5099 out of Stella, K.C.S.B. 7260. Also a litter sister of Kate-- Heather Bride, K.C.S.B. 957A was imported to Norway, and these Gordons were extensively used for breeding purposes, and have been the pillars in the breeding of Gordon setters in Scandinavia.
Mr. Chapman Jr.-- kennel prefix "Johnstone"- bred Gordons for a period, but as far as is known he has ceased, and terriers take their place.
Another clever breeder was Mr. Herbert B. Gibb, Dorrator House, Larbert, already mentioned.
Sir G. Bullough, Isle of Rum, Oban, began to exhibit good Gordon Setters about 1900. Champion Redruth Colonel 94-K.C.S.B. 723B was a great stud force in the kennel. He was by General Gordon, K.C.S.B. 31232 (Grouse-Silk), and Mr. A. E. Launder's Floss, and Mr. G. Goldsworthy was the first owner. Among these Rum Gordons the best dogs were: Rum Pilot, K.C.S.B. 670E and Rum Captain, K.C.S.B. 667E, both by Ch. Redruth Colonel ex Sir Bullough's Tralwall. Rum Beauty, K.C.S.B. 665E, Rum Bess, K.C.S.B., 666E and Rum Gladys, K.C.S.B. 668E, were bitches of high quality and at their time among the best at the shows. It was only for a few years that Sir G. Bullough exhibited his Gordons.

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