Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Our thanks go out to the folks at The Cold Duck blog for taking note of our efforts here at "The Bombshell". Cold Duck is a great little site that I visit often. For those that have never seen the fantastic woodcock video, click here.
Thanks again to the kind folks at The Cold Duck blog.
New this week is also "grousers, formerly five smart guys who hunt, and Mr. Mike,". This is another interesting site that I have been reading for some time now. The reason I haven't added it earlier is that these folks hunt birds in upstate NY, in similar areas as myself. I always tell folks who ask that there are no birds in these areas, so I was just trying to keep things on the quiet side. But hell, they deserve recognition too for putting together a great blog..
Another new site I came across on Dr. Wayment's Birddogdoc Chronicles is The Upland Equation. This is a very enjoyable site! The gentleman is a former hunter who was forced to give up the sport for a time, and came back to it later in life. The joy of his return to the uplands with a dog and gun clearly shows through in the author's writings.

I recommend that everyone stop in and get to know these blogs. There is a lot of great reading and information posted on these sites..

Give 'em a try...

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