Monday, August 11, 2008

Free Tibet, Free Cymru!!

Independence Cymru
Wales and Scotland represent the last relic of English colonisation. The English were ejected from France after the death of Joan of Arc and from Eire in 1921, but the government at Westminster continues to exert its control over its remaining colonies. Wales has always been a nation with its own distinctive culture and language.


The above from Alad in Dyfed (Duvith, phoenetically)at Independence Cymru, (Koomri, phoenetically) Cymru being Wales, announces the final push for Welsh independence from England. The language is in resurgence after being nearly totally stamped out, the people are fiercely independent, and the movement is a strong one. My grandfather was an Englishman living in Wales, but I believe that he would also be in favor!

The Welsh are Celts, much different from the English in many ways. More of their medieval culture is still intact, and a Celtic warrior resides in the heart of every Welshman!

Read more about the fight for independence at the above mentioned blog, and the others in my Welsh Heritage list to the left...

Free Tibet, and Free Wales!

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