Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Astro news

I received this e-m,ail this AM from the folks at The Field Trial Pointer message board on Yahoo...
Please make your voice heard... This is a safety issue for dogs instead of merely a rules issue..

Input for both groups' decision makers may be provided by letters, emails, and phone calls. The Field Trial Pointers Message Board is also providing
a mechanism for input. This, almost 1,400 membership group, has the potential for much wider spread grass roots input from field trialers.
At 9 pm last night a poll was posted to provide members an opportunity for feedback that is much faster and easier than the forementioned ways of providing feedback.

Trustees for AAFTCA as well as staff of the The American Field belong to
the message board so both organizations can have access to the results of the poll. Hopefully, if there is a high voter turnout, both groups will listen.

Members of the Yahoo group bearing the same name were transferred by me when the group was moved last year, but some have yet to visit the new board site. Some who joined after the transfer also have not logged in. If you have forgotten your user name and/or your password and are unable to log in please email me at gno52@windstream.net and I will send them to you. Please let me know the email addy you used when you joined so I can id you.


Frank Thompson

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  1. Bill: hopefully you've already seen that the Performance Events department of the AKC has already recommended to its Board that the Astro be approved for FT use effective August 1st, 2009 (dependent on the Board's actual vote).

    If you haven't seen this yet, you might check out my post on Living with Birddogs for some interesting proposed rule revisions that would come with it.

    all best