Monday, April 6, 2009

RBL, RBL, Wherefore art thou, RBL?

I'm starting to lose it waiting for delivery!

The closer it gets, the more antsy I get!

I don't know if I can hold on much longer.... HELP!


  1. Hey, Bill, this cheery thought might help you out! (??)

    I read a thread on the RBL over at SSM this morning. It seems like quite a few of the boys have "their guns in the shop." I am beginning to suspect that "the shop" is not the retail storefront where finished guns go. I'm starting to think that "shop" means "'shop," as in short for "workshop."

    If that's right, then CSMC could be telling the truth by having all our wood blanks and steel tubes lined up in a corner of the 'shop while they work on building high-margin Foxes and Model 21s ;-)

    I'm just teasing, of course, and there could not be a shred of truth in this. It's purely a fabrication. Honest. Trust me ;-)

  2. I hope it's not like the old "the check is in the mail" bit, Michael! LOL