Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Reloading supplies on Supermarket shelves

As reloading costs rise, and the price of lead shot in particular, the trend toward lighter loads in all gauges is getting some traction.
I've been a proponent of the trend for a long time, prompted by my inherent cheap... let's call it frugality. I've been shooting the mighty 1 oz. 12 ga. load since the early 1980's when they first came to light for Trapshooters in search of less recoil for longer and longer events.
After the shoulder fracture and dislocation two years ago, I was inspired to also seek out reduced loadings for the 20 ga. birdgun I had been shooting. I was punching out foam discs with an arch punch to add to the bottom of the shotcup for a low velocity 3/4 ounce load.. That became pretty tedious, and I'd often put off reloading the days shells until the very morning I needed them.
Now, using cereal fillers to take up space for reduced shot charges is not a new idea, and I cannot lay claim to developing it. But, I've found that one Cheerio in the 20 ga. shotcup provides a perfect crimp!
It's got an added benefit of providing a snack close at hand if I get hungry while reloading..
Add to that a little treat for the birds that inhabit the range grounds and we have a winner.
So, choose the flavor that you and the birds enjoy most, the lead shot doesn't care which.. And, next time the wife does a week's food shopping, don't forget to tell her to look in the "reloading" aisle and stock up on supplies...

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  1. Bill, that is a clever idea, and cleverly and well written up. Very nice!

    I hope you'll consider posting this at Shooting Sportsman BB. Within 4 responses, Cheerios will have been nay-said in favor of Fruit Loops; Frosted Mini Wheats will be advocated for the 10 gauge; and at least one poster - always - will hijack the the thread sideways and claim that Cheerios cause global warming or some such.

    Write it "with a straight face" and watch the fun ensue ;-)