Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Something new

I recently got a note from a reader of the Bombshell, and his name is Kris Anderson. He has started a new business called Knives Infinity, and he's selling all the good stuff that we outdoor types need and want.
This comes at a great time for me, because I've been looking for a new Estwing axe, and Kris has it and at a price more than fair. I've also been considering a small knife to keep on my person for cutting sticks, burrs and all those other good things from the dogs.
So, peruse Kris' site, that I've also listed in the sidebar under "Upland Equipment", and see if you can find something useful..
And, be sure to mention that you "saw it on the Bombshell"...

Best of luck in your new venture, Kris!

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