Saturday, March 22, 2008

Andrew and Momo

I've had very little contact with the V-dogs, but, was highly impressed when I met Andrew and Momo a few years back. They came out to the gun club to shoot some informal Skeet. Everyone who encountered Momo and saw him in action was very impressed, and, this included some pretty experienced dogmen. As a matter of fact, they still recall the V-dog that used to come out.
I've yet to meet Jozsi, but, with Momo as a mentor, and Andrew as handler, I'm sure she'll be a helluva gundog.

There is some great information on Andrew's blog. Check them out here...


  1. Bill: as ever, you're very kind about Momo. He loves to find birds -- and has always been a joy to work with. Have spent another winter trying to connect with Joe Hocker to come back out to LI and worl some birds. In a sort of response to a later post you have about 'buying too much dog': he was just what I needed -- and with the confidence we got from each other, we then went for something a little racier, aka Jozsi. Incidentally, there's at least two things that he's still got that make him a 'him'. He really might be an amazing bird-dog if I can keep getting him on birds and don't botch it up myself. Hope to show you the two of them again sometime this spring.

    all the best

  2. I am not exaggerating at all the effect that momo had on all the club members who saw him.
    Andrew handled young Momo like he had "power steering". They were quite a tem, and Momo responded to Andrew beautifully.
    I'm looking forward to meeting Jozsi, and seeing both dogs work as a brace.