Tuesday, March 25, 2008

dogtra launchers

I just bought a pair of dogtra e-launchers as a replacement for my old Stuart style Tri-Tronics launchers, that, due to age, were becoming unreliable. There is nothing worse while working a Pointing dog than an unreliable trap, so, the old TT equipment had to go!
What to buy?? What to buy??
I always considered dogtra equipment top notch, but, as far as e-collars go, I love the TT tube style transmitter. It's the correct tool for the job!
I decided to give the dogtra launchers a try. They did not let me down. We worked about four dogs with them this morning. Flawless release. If you've got nice fat pigeons, they're a close fit, but, it eliminates the pigeon moving and scratching around in a pheasant sized launcher, omitting an audible cue that a smart dog can pick up on. The compact size also makes the traps easier to hide in the sparse cover available this time of year.
So, these traps had Holly high on both ends this morning, having to use her nose instead of visual cues to home in on.
The dogtra traps were money well spent, and I'll probably order one more to make three eloctrincs to use, along with a couple of "Tracy traps"

I recommend these dogtras highly..

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