Monday, March 3, 2008

Good News

A bit of good news on the home front.

My orthopedic Doc released me this morning for any activities I'd like with my right shoulder. For those that don't know, on August 30 of 2007, I fell and fracured and dislocated it. It caused me to lose an entire season of gunning, but, not working with my dogs..

It will be nice to pick up a gun with the intention of actually shooting it again!


  1. Congrats, Bill, on the shoulder! Thanks for coming to visit the Regal Vizsla... and congratulations on your own bloggery, too. I see you have brought a few familiar friends over to the B&T Bombshell, as well. Great to see someone doing something to celebrate the working Gordon. As I know you know, they are too few and far between. I'll be sure to put you on my blogroll. Would love to introduce to our 'little guy' at some point -- as you've probablly gathered, he's a firecracker.

    all best wishes

  2. Bill,
    That is fantastic news, look forward to your visiting me here in the mountains of Pa.