Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Dreaded "Hunter Orange"

Blaze Orange is not a requirement while hunting in New York State, but is recommended by the Department of Environmental Conservation, as stated here on their website...

Wearing Hunter Orange Saves Lives

The effectiveness of fluorescent or blaze orange safety clothing speaks for itself. About 80 percent of big game hunters in New York State put the odds in their favor by wearing orange. Over the past 10 years, 15 New York State big game hunters have been mistaken for deer and killed, and every one of these victims was from the small minority of hunters who did not wear hunter orange. A 16th hunter who did not wear hunter orange also was killed in the line of fire when another hunter shot at a deer. Even though hunter orange is highly visible to humans, studies show that deer are not alarmed by it.

My comments on Blaze Orange....

I hate the stuff! If I were a big game hunter, I may feel differently about it. Although, Orange did nothing to stop a shotgun slug from whizzing over my head in the Catskills many years ago while deer hunting.
My neighbors in the Adirondacks, the senior population at least, also eschews it. But, I see some of the younger locals wearing it..
For bird hunting, I do not wish to look like "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", and I won't wear it... I'm a traditionalist.
If I get out deer hunting again, I will probably wear some...


  1. If nothing else, Bill, I like to put some on the dogs. It may not stop the kind of lunatic who thought you were a deer back in the Catskills, but it might make a few more think twice about popping one off at one of our dogs.

    As for me, in the scheme of things I don't care to encounter in the woods, I'd rather see four guys in orange from a ways off than hear them shouting across a field at each other -- or, and I apologize to those who love them but I really dislike them in the woods, beeper collars or e-collars with 'hawk screams' on them. Nothing ruins a moment quite like something starting to sound like you're either about to get run over by a backing-up truck or attacked by a giant condor.


  2. I agree Andrew! Protection for the dogs is first and foremost.
    I use reflective vests for the dogs in the woods during deer season. It certainly can't hurt..

    I'll do anything necessary to protect my dogs!