Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One on one with the Black Dog

It was a beautiful day here yesterday, and I decided to spend a little "alone time" with my Gordon, Holly. The spot we planned to hit holds woodcock in the fall... One of the few places left that haven't been filled and turned into more useless and unnecessary shopping areas. This area is also abutted by little used roadways, but, they're used enough that I couldn't bring Sandy, the big running and hardheaded, English Setter. I just could not assure her safety in this area.
We had a great day. Found no woodcock passin' through, but, it was good exercise for us both. She got to swim a few laps, and run the woods.. I got to behold her beauty and untapped potential..

C'mon Fall.


  1. Heck, Bill, with your recuperated shoulder and that fine running little girl, I hope we'll get an adventure together this fall.


  2. Bill,
    Its good to see bare ground again.
    I took my girls out today the first time in 3 months to exercise some. Chest protectors and bells and they were off one at a time. They sure enjoyed themselves and with the snow still deep but dense from the rains and some melting they mostly stayed on top.
    They all had put on weight and Reagan's chest protector wouldn't clasp on the middle connection.