Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday

In singsong..
Happy Birthday to us,
Happy birthday to us,
Happy birthday dear "Bombshell",
Happy birthday to us!!

Today is The Bombshell's First Birthday!
Actually not, because last year was a leap year, and the actual day was the 29th, but the staff and myself are not waiting another three years to celebrate.. What started out as a repository for old Gordon related memorabilia and trivia has morphed into a forum to express my own egotistical ramblings, and the maniacle idea that there are those somewhere in cyberspace that actually care about the electrons I place on this electronic diary.
In a small way, I'm surprised that we lasted the first year, with salaries for the employees climbing, and the economy in the tank. But, I'd like to take a moment to thank the old friends that have stuck with us through thick and thin, and the new friends we've made in bloggerland because of the encouragement I've gotten from others.
So, everyone grab a hat and noisemaker and help us celebrate one year in the wonderful world of blogs... And, if you're out and about, please designate a driver for the ride home after the festivities..

Thanks one and all for your support!


  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Bill, and a Happy St. David's Day today. Later this afternoon, I'll raise a glass to many more of both for you.

  2. Thanks, Michael

    I'll take as many more as I can get while still motivating under my own power...

  3. Bill that year sure went by quick! I never thought I would follow someones blog like I have yours. Maybe because we are so close in age in addition to sharing the same interest of setter gun dogs. Alice's Restaurant? Oh yes I remember. Please keep expressing your egotistical ramblings. ;~) A very big Happy First birthday to the Bombshell!

  4. Thanks Lars,

    It's my loyal readers that keep me inspired.. I'd love to post some pics of "the girls" someday!