Monday, February 23, 2009

Something new under the sun..

The vibration paging feature has been around on some brands of e-collars for some time, but never before as the primary method of stimulation, and not adjustable for intensity.
Unleashed Technology has brought us something new, in that the primary method of stimulation, and attention getting, is vibration, and the secondary means on the more advanced collars, is electrical stimulation. The vibratory paging feature is adjustable for intensity.. This is very much the opposite of what dogtra users have been using for years, and is a new departure in dog training using positive reinforcement.
I find this new direction somewhat interesting, and may in the future be experimenting with it. It certainly opens new avenues for training, and giving long range commands, to dogs who have lost hearing, as many gundogs ultimately do. That advantage alone is eminently worthwhile.. Be sure to click on "Product Training" on the Unleashed Technology site to get an idea of what the system is all about, and how it differs from traditional e-training.
As an aside, I've been a Tri-Tronics user since I cut my teeth, and once one gets used to the tube style transmitter with three levels of stim at your fingertips, it's hard to move to another style. Further, TT does not offer vibration, only a tone, which I have found useful.. But, vibration offers many advantages that we never thought of before..
We'll all have to decide whether this new departure will fit into our bag of tricks or not, but it's always nice to add a new option that could possibly help that dog that hates juice, or has been turned off by it in the past.. It never hurts to have something just a little bit different to try in some cases.
Maybe it's time for an old dog like myself to learn some new tricks...

More in the future

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