Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's time for homework...

And I'm going to be sure that the dog doesn't eat it...

Pictured is a gift from a good friend, and a person that knows gundogs intimately, and the Red Setter breed in particular.
I recently sent my application to become a member of the National Red Setter Field Trial Club. This group is devoted to the working attributes of the Irish Red Setter, and the working attributes only!. No fluff and show types here. These Red Dawgs are the real deal! Beauty is as beauty does. And another old engineering axiom that I think applies, Less is more. Less coat, less weight equals more brains and more energy.
I'm embarking on a journey, and one that takes me out of the old familiar areas and forces me to cover new ground.. And it's a journey that I hope will give me one more shot at the brass ring, and one more "brag dog" to boot!
I assume that everyone knows where I'm going with this..
It's hard to leave what one has known for thirty plus years, but improvement often involves risk, and stepping out of one's comfort zone into the unknown..
I have the utmost confidence that my sojourn will be a pleasant and rewarding one..

Many thanks to the folks that provided this book for my enjoyment, and are helping to guide me through some unfamiliar territory..

More info to come...


  1. Many years ago Reader's Digest ran and article about success. After considering all the various attributes that successful folks shared, the one common point was "willingness and ability to take well educated risks..." That pretty well sums up your journey. It's easier to change horses mid stream than it is to jump over to another breed of dog-- but the Modern Red Setter is a dog that will ease your transition and give you everything you long for.
    Ned LeGrande and our founding fathers certainly tasted success for their restoration efforts.They were thrilled with the results. a few years ago the NRSFTC celebrated its 50 year anniversary. Many of the "old timers" came back for the trial and celebration. They wrangled horses and went out to see what today's Modern red Setter looked like at work.
    One after another reported that they were stunned by the quality of the dogs we are blessed with today. They just keep getting better and better as we work to honor The Purest Challenge in Sportsdom. Herm David,who actually coined that expression told me he was "blown away" by the dog's beauty, grace, stamina, ability and intelligence!
    We're having a trial in Berea KY beginning the 6th of March. we will run a championship as well as the futurity. there will be supporting stakes on horseback and on foot.Come join us for the greatest show on earth. What do you say?

  2. Bill,if the goal is a "brag dog",we both know that the odds lie with your taking your buddy up on his offer of a top bloodline pointer pup.