Saturday, February 14, 2009

An unfortunate side effect of the economic downturn...

And that is in our animal shelters..

My wife and I visited our local no-kill shelter yesterday, and unfortunately business was booming... Not animals being adopted out, but animals being dropped off by municipal animal control officers..
I asked an officer who obviously cared if they were strays. Is reply?? Unfortunately, no. These dogs were relinquished by their owners. He went on to say that it was not an uncommon occurance since the economy has taken a nose dive.

I know that everyone has alot on their plate at the moment, but if we could all find a small way to help out our local shelters through these tough times, we would all benefit.. Our shelter accepts food donations, needs folks to walk and socialize animals to help their adoption prospects, all kind of tradespeople to keep the place running and donations of cash are always a help.

If we all could spare a little, the life of an animal bred at man's behest could be made just a little brighter.. and why not??

Have an enjoyable weekend, and think about the plight of your local shelter and the animals they are trying to help....

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