Friday, September 12, 2008

Astro dc-30 collar

I just recieved my updated dc-30 collar unit for my Garmin Astro system on Monday. This is obviously the system we should have had all along, and I can't find anything that I would change.
The old system with the dc-20 collar worked great, and was certainly more functional than I had expected, but did suffer a few problems. The collar (dog) unit needed a counterweight to stay upright on the dog's neck. An e-collar was often the solution, but the dc-20 would still ride down the side of the dog's neck. Lost and damaged antennae was another annoyance.
I'm happy to report that all the previous issues have been addressed, and given the proper "fix" in the new dc-30 collar unit..
It's far better than telemetry, is only slightly larger than a "strike" collar, although still bigger than a supra-light by a good margin, and is a dream to use.

If you want and need to know where your dog is in the field or the woods, the Garmin Astro system is just what the Dr, ordered. I can't think of a more useful tool for keeping a huntin' dog safe... And, isn't that what we're all lookin' for?

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