Friday, September 26, 2008

For the best in Vermont Maple Syrup..

Come to New York!

That's right, much of Vermont's maple syrup comes from trees tapped in northern New York.
While the states of Vermont and New Hampshire require slightly higher sugar content, and by slightly we're talking about less than 1%, New Yorks finest Maple Syrup takes a back seat to no one.
There are a good many producers in my area of the Adirondacks, just over the County line in Warren County, and here's one of the best I've tried..
When the frost is on the punkin', there's nothing better than real maple syrup on hotcakes in the morning, with a little sausage or bacon on the side..

It'll cure what ails ye'...

For all you ever wanted to know about maple syrup in general, and New York State maple syrup in particular, read the website of New York State Maple Products.

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