Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Timeless equipment

There is nothing in the world like leather, and for dog training equipment in particular!
I've got an old leather roading harness like the one pictured here from Christie Enterprises. I don't even know how old this harness is, but it's outperformed, and outlasted, more than a few of the cheap nylon harness.
I've also got a new one of the type shown from Christie Tack. Scientests can concoct any kind of material they want, and never produce a material with the feel, smell, and durability of real leather.. It is just the ultimate for working with dogs..
It's also traditional, and there's a lot to be said for that. We should honor the greats who lead us to this point in time, and follow their lead... They new the difference between the real thing and the pretenders..
If you road your dogs, and you should because nothing else builds muscle and endurance quite like it, look at the products from Christie Enterprises.. And, as an aside, a horse or ATV is not needed! Tie a 30' checkcord around your waist and have at it. The exercise is great for you both!

and don't forget, a quality piece of equipment is always cheaper in the long run..

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