Friday, November 13, 2009

Black & Tan... The more sinister side.

It appears that everything deemed good in the Universe, also possesses a counterpart in evil. Just another one of the juxtapositions of life, I suppose... Yet another reminder of the constant battle between the light and the darkness..
The term Black & Tan, I recently came to learn, is no exception!
The ubiquitous internet, coincidentally, another force of yin and yang, good and evil, has allowed me to do much research and study about my own Welsh heritage, something I take great pride in. But my Father was Irish, although born in the U.S. The only English in me is from my dear Grandfather.. an Englishman living in Wales and married to a Welsh woman.
So, how do I reconcile the harm done to the Irish people by the Black & Tan's, at the behest of the English? Is it just another example of Man's prodigious use of inhumanity toward his fellow man? Can any question such as this ever be reconciled?
Homosapiens are extremely complex creatures, seemingly mired in our own hatreds and lust for power and control..
As many aspects of a life that seems more and more complex as I age, I have no answers... I just wonder why?
I suppose I still tenuously hold onto Rousseau's beliefs that Man is basically good over Hobbes' mantra to the contrary, but the more I see of the world, the more I could be swayed..
To read what harm the Irish endured at the hands of their brethren, "The Black and Tans," click the link, or do some research on the internet..

What Wikipedia has to say about The Black & Tans...

There is plenty to read, and much to be sad for...

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  1. Bill, in light of this new information concerning the English, I think Holly, the Gordon Setter, was set up by Sandy, the English Setter, and should get a new trial. You just can't trust the English!