Monday, November 23, 2009

My foray into Organization

Some people say I'm highly disorganized! However, if those same people (they know who they are)would keep their hands off my stuff, I'd be able to lay my hands on anything I own in short order!
Truth be told, I am a little messy, but I'm trying to get my act together and get organized.. Particularly my dog, hunting and gun related equipment.
To that end, I just noticed that Tri-Tronics has a new equipment bag for transmitters and other small parts easily misplaced.
I figure that I can put transmitter, receivers, antennae and all my spare parts in there and get it out of my dog equipment bag that is overflowing with Vet Wrap, .22 & .32 caliber blanks, whistles, lanyards, beepers, bells, ID tags, collars... Well, you get the idea. All the TT electronics will now be together, provided the ghost in the house that manages to move things doesn't have her way...

George Carlin would be proud of me... I'm organizing my stuff, so I'll have room for.... MORE STUFF!

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