Tuesday, November 17, 2009

From the "Can't teach an old dog new tricks" Dept.

I've embarked upon a journey... A trek that may well last the rest of my natural life, and if possible, into the hereafter.
My mother spoke fluent Welsh. My cousins and I are from the era when the English tried to stamp out Welsh culture and the language, and nearly successfully. But, there has been a tremendous resurgence in all things Welsh, and the native people never ceded their traditions or language. My nieces, now with children of their own, went to Welsh school, and learned the language properly, and with minds easily molded. Young, fresh and easily able to accept new teachings.
So, finally having the time to invest in an endeavor I've always wanted to engage, I'm starting to learn the language of my homeland. Welsh is an exceedingly difficult language, and one of the oldest in Europe. But, time is no obstacle, and I'm working my way through the lessons, but it does not come easily!
I can say some phrases in Welsh, and if any relatives come for a visit, they will certainly be surprised to hear me speak the native tongue, I'm sure. There may be a little difficulty understanding me, but I'll get my point across.

For those that would like to hear some Welsh.. a language almost sung like a song, there is a great website where one can hear it spoken, and learn some phrases. The site is called "say something in Welsh," and it's truly great! I was pleasantly surprised to see that Rosetta Stone also offers it's method in Welsh.

They say as we age that learning new things such as language can prevent, or delay the onset of Alzheimers by keeping one's brain supple.. Now, I've been accused of being both "soft in the head," and hardheaded, so I don't know what this means to me, but I'm tryin'....

Dw i 'n trio siarad Cymraeg...


  1. Hi, this post has really struck a chord with myself as calling myself Welsh but being unable to speak my language has always been a bone of contention, best of luck andI may well join you on this journey within the near future.

  2. Good on your effort, Bill. I am still struggling with English ;-)

    Gordie's ancestors were quite Welsh, btw...