Monday, November 16, 2009

The Joy of Music.. and other random thoughts

Now, I'll preface my comments by stating openly that I'm about as far removed from Catholicism as one can get. I'm don't practice traditional religion at all, although I try to live a decent life. I'm probably closer in practice to a Wiccan like my dear departed Mom than a true Christian, although I try my best to adhere to Christian values.
It's odd then that I should find anything on the cable channel aimed at Catholics, of much interest. But lately, I have once again found "The Joy of Music" with Diane Bish.
Diane Bish is an accomplished organist, and tours different cathedrals throughout the World, and plays powerful, awe inspiring hymns of the organs housed there.
Some of these instruments are as huge and dominating as the wonderful music that Diane Bish coaxes from them.
What strikes me is the way this talented musician can play multiple levels of keyboards with both hands, and also have both feet working pedals. It amazes me almost as much as her music inspires me..

I do believe that the combination of Diane Bish's hymns on the organ, and fire and brimstone coming down from the pulpit, could even make a sinner such as I repent!

Look at the schedule for Diane Bish on her website, and try to catch an airing of "The Joy of Music"... And see if you don't enjoy it as much as I do...

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