Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's that time of year again...

I like things that are real. I like things that are traditional. Wool garments and gundog accoutrements made from real leather spring to mind immediately.
It's always nice to have things that are unique.. Things that not every other gunner in the woods has. Things that have meaning in their quality and care of manufacture. Things that are still made one at a time by a true artisan.
And, one of those things that meets and surpasses the criteria is a whistle lanyard from Larry Smith, The Knotsmith. These are true handmade articles, and are custom made to order in one's choice of colors and a myriad of other options... Enough choices to satisfy even the most jaded gunner.
I'm not on Mr. Smith's payroll. I do not receive a discount or any other consideration for my endorsement. Only itens that really work ever get that here! My only motivation is to see upland types with a piece of art to hang their whistles off.. Something of value that can be passed on through generations.

So, for those that have a signifigant other of any gender that spends time tramping the uplands with dogs, I can think of no gift that would be more appreciated.. And pay particular attention to the new flat T-2's, the T-2FN.. I've been admiring these lanyards since they were introduced... Hint.. Hint...

Christmas is only around the corner, so get your order in to The Knotsmith early for that special person in your life!

Pictured is a flat T-2 in the motif of an English Setter with orange ticking. Quite beautiful!

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