Monday, March 16, 2009

Nostalgic Reloading

What type of person saves this stuff?
And not only saves it, but takes on more from people clearing their reloading benches of items they'll never likely use again! But, for me at least, never is a loooooong time, and who knows what I'll ever reload in the future!
These Alcan and Winchester cards, and the Alcan overpowder gas seals are all 12 gauge, so in reality, I'll probably never use them as my current intention is to finish out with the 16 ga.
Call it nostalgia from my youth, contrarianism (is that a word?) or whatever you'd like, but that is my plan for the moment.
Now, truth be told, I've never reloaded shells by building up a wad column by traditional means such as this, but all the components are still available from various sources, such as Circle Fly. In all likelihood, I'll continue to bow to modern convention and worship at the altar of modern chemistry by using plastic wads.. But, that one iota of doubt never leaves my mind, and so I continue to stockpile...

For the sake of your marriage and sanity.. do not ever expose yourselves to this dreaded disease!

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  1. Hey Bill

    I have a load that I got from Ballistic Products 16 gauge manual that uses their plastic Obturator Seal and a wax treated hard card wad that makes a good open barrel load. I also play around with some roll crimped 7/8 oz. loads. Wife just looks at the reloading bench and shakes her head (she's a good woman :) ).