Friday, March 20, 2009

Parkers in a bad economy

I must admit to having a huge soft spot for Parkers.. The lines of the action, are to me, just "right"...By reading the latest post at Dogs and Doubles, it would appear that there are others who feel the same as I. Take a look at what was purchased at the latest Julia auction, and see if you don't agree...


  1. I have never gunned with a Parker. I have only handled a few.
    A particularly nice one is the 20 bore example that is owned by our friend Lee Sykes. That old handling dynamic and measurements work perfectly for me. I think it is a VH, but I'm not certain.
    The lines and balance of the action are indeed sweet, Bill.

  2. Yeup, there's a VH in 20ga with 30"bbl calling my name, too. Sadly, the economy has given me deafness in my gun-buying ear...


  3. I've seen a few .410s with some gorgeous wood that were calling for me. Maybe someday.....