Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Overshot cards

Do they blow patterns?

A question I've been considering for some time, and there's obviously no answer without a visit to the dreaded and much despised pattern board for some hands on tests.
But, is it really necessary, or can some "down home" common sense enter the picture? There's no question that modern shotshells outperform their counterparts from yesteryear by a fairly large degree. Plasic wads that contain and protect the shot, as well as form a better gas seal for the propellant to do it's job are obvious advantages, but what about the star crimp? No overshot card to catch air upon leaving the muzzle and forcing the shot charge around? Or, is the cardboard card just shredded to pieces. Old roll crimped shotshells had to deal with this problem.
But, I'm dealing with it again today in my search for lighter loads. Fillers of various kinds added to the bottom of the shotcup are a major pain in the butt! A thin overshot card under the star crimp works well and is far easier to boot, but for other than close range work, is my pattern suffering?
A question that has had my head spinning of late... I'm interested in hearing from folks that have bitten the bullet, spent time at the pattern board and found out for themselves..
I've said many times that I'd rather watch paint dry than pattern shotshells ever again, but I may be forced to that dreaded end.. Seeing is , unfortunately believing!


  1. Bill

    I've patterned my 7/8 oz. & 3/4 oz 2 1/2 inch roll crimped loads and come up with some very nice patterns. So I have to say that the overshot card doesn't "blow holes" in the pattern. I have my Grabber set-up for my target load. It's a 7/8 oz load in a 2 3/4 in. Cheddite hull. I add one or two pieces of puffed wheat on top of the shot for a good crimp. Not too much trouble after you get the hang of it. Hopefully the new Downrange wad will make this practice obsolete.


  2. I'm anxiously awaiting the offerings from Downrange also, Rick.. It should make things much easier..