Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Order of Edwardian Gunners

or... The Vintagers.

Like many things in my life, I guess I have a Love/Hate relationship with these folks. We've hosted numbers of their shoots at the club, and I've been in close contact with them. I know some members personally, and consider a few friends.
I've taken an awful lot of shots (sometimes cheap ones) at these folks in the past because of the costumes and upscale attitudes.
While I still consider the "dress up" to be a bit over the top, and the fact that they often recoil at dirty Setter paw prints in the back of their detailed Range Rovers, my current foray into the esoteric world of the Side-by-Side shotgun has softened my judgemental attitude toward these folks to a degree. I'm still a ways off from procuring my first hammergun, so I won't be a member anytime soon (I also lack the financial "wherewithall"), but, the ice is melting. Further, they do put on, by all accounts, a helluva show every year, with doubleguns, books, and accoutrements of all kinds. Just be sure to buy the little woman a Victorian dress if you plan to attend!
While it's undeniable that the Vintagers lean a bit toward the "artsy-fartsy" side, and all that entails (you fill in the blanks), my age is creeping up and I'm mellowing... Besides, they're just like the rest of us, to a degree only moreso, aren't they? So, why not give the benefit of the doubt in the name of inclusiveness...

So, please consider this my peace offering to "The Order of Edwardian Gunners", and while I haven't placed my order for breeks and brogues just yet, I'll applaud their efforts of bring classic side by's out of the oak cabinets and into the fields where they belong...

So, please peruse the Vintagers website, and form your own opinions. Pay particular attention to the area "What to Wear", as it will offer some tips on how to dress for a shoot, and where to find appropriate "togs".. I must admit that the ladies look rather "appealing" in their oh so prim and proper Victorian garb.. I better sign off now before my much too fertile imagination runs away with itself....


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