Monday, March 23, 2009

Why don't check cords come with warning labels?

Doesn't most equipment that's dangerous to life and limb come with a warning label? Why not the check cord? When coupled to a high energy dog, this device can be one of the most destructive to the handlers anatomy of most any device yet designed. Add ice and snow, and this demonic invention becomes ever more lethal!
I've been spun like a top, had the feet dragged out from under me, rope burns on the hands, legs and ankles, been whipped everywhere from top to bottom, including the face, and yet through it all, it's still my "tool of choice" over the ubiquitious e-collar..
Why??? I honestly can't say.. Tradition? I guess that's part of it... traditional methods ring true to me, and I find my e-collar being used less and less. It is still, and always be THE tool for trashbreaking (running off game), however and it's long range capability makes it imcomparable for that. But it's also much easier to mess up with, and around birds, an unintended stimulation at the wrong time can have disastrous results.. The checkcord frees my mind of those worries, and it allows me to get down on all fours next to the dog, and still keep control. It might take me a helluva long time to get up off the ground because of the bum knees, but that's an entry for another day..
So, have fun with your check cords, and remember to check up on your health insurance provider and be sure the premiums are paid!

Just in case!


  1. Those are a couple of nice shiny new check cords ya got there, Bill.
    Mine don't look anything like that.
    I haven't used one in a while though. Collar neither.
    Could have used one yesterday though when either the wind or what the wind was blowing made Tucker go nutz for a few minutes.
    Had to heal him up and calm him down.
    Might have been all of those geese we ran into.

  2. Yes me too I've been tripped and burned more than a couple of times myself but it's the dogs I'm always worrying about. Making a quick tack to the left or right when the cord is stretched out and taught I worry about it catching a leg and pulling it out of joint or something. Yup I worry.

  3. As per my attorney's advice I give my clients a hazard sheet and legal disclaimer with each long line / check cord.

    But seriously - how many good things in life come without any dangers?