Friday, March 6, 2009

A warm welcome

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find a comment from my old friend Rick,
also known as Greyphase, whom I see has carved out his own little piece of Bloggerland.. I feel humbled to have a guy such as Rick reading our meager efforts, and I'm encouraged to see so many folks starting their own blogs so we can all keep up with each other, and pass along information from one to another.
So, please join me in wishing Rick a warm welcome, and be sure to check out his blog... Allegheny Mountain Wanderings.

It looks great Rick, we'll be checking in often!


  1. Bill, I just followed your link, so I have to say Thank You for pointing us to Rick and his blog. It looks like it'll be a great "read" for all of us who enjoy hunting upland birds in the Northeastern mountains that run from lower left to upper right.

    I'll be adding Allegheny Mountain Wanderings to Cold Duck's Links section tomorrow.

  2. Bill

    Dang your making me blush :). Mine is but a meager shadow of most of the blogs I've seen but thanks for the kind words anyway.


  3. I have also enjoyed it a great deal and look forward to continuing visits.
    I'm really getting a kick out of the whole skipping around from blog to blog thing. It really adds a great dimension to my computer time.

  4. What I had envisioned is starting to happen John... Staying in touch with those we choose without all the bitterness Bulletin Boards can bring out. Read the ramblings of folks you enjoy and have things in common with, and leave those we don't!
    Don't forget some of the others on the blog roll either... My friends Michael at "Cold Duck" and Deb at "A Piece of the Purest Challenge." Not to mention the good folks at Upland Feathers, Birddogdoc, and Maggie's Farm.. And don't forget Andrew at "The Regal Vizsla"...