Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Clan Gordon

The Clan Gordon crest consists of a stag's head sitting on a bejeweled crown surrounded by a belt. There are ten tines on the stag's antlers, five on each side. The word 'ByDand' (Remaining) runs across the top.

The Gordon clan is an ancient family of Britain and Scotland. Although the chiefs were not of Celtic origin, the clan adopted the distinctive Celtic badge of the rock ivy.

The Gordons originally came to the islands from Normandy (France). The Anglo-Norman family that became known as the Clan (or House) of Gordon settled in the Borders area in the 12th Century, but moved to Aberdeenshire in the 14th Century when Sir Adam, Lord of Gordon, was granted lands by Robert the Bruce.

Sir Adam of Gordon was granted Strathbogie, confiscated from the Earl of Atholl by Robert the Bruce, in return for service to Bruce's cause. Sir Adam of Gordon served as one of the ambassadors to Rome who fought to have the Bruce's excommunication removed. The Gordons wielded enormous power during the 16th and 17th centuries. The Gordon castle was considered the most magnificent edifice in the north of Scotland.

Bydand (Remaining, Abiding) - and also:
Animo non astutia (By courage not craft)
A Gordon! A Gordon!

Clan feuds and battles were frequent in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Gordons most often clashed with the Mackintoshes, the Camerons, the Murrays and the Forbes.

The Duke of Gordon, who was the chief of the clan, was often styled "The Cock of the North." George, the fourth marquis, was made Duke of Gordon in 1684. The fifth Duke of Gordon died without issue in May of 1836. At his death, the title of Duke of Gordon became extinct. The Marquis of Huntly became the chief of the clan Gordon.

We'll end todays post with a dog related quote.....

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